It’s valid on all London public transport, including underground, buses, trams, DLR and suburban rail . There is no benefit in obtaining Oyster for Visitors. The same issues apply to those intending on using Apple Pay. Please find more details of daily capping here. Buy before you fly! The Visitor Oyster Card is an Oyster Card designed for tourists. A Visitor Oyster card is a travel smartcard, and one of the cheapest ways to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, DLR, tram, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers river bus service, London Overground and most National Rail services in London. Most suburban areas of London, and famous sights including Wembley Stadium and Wimbledon Tennis Club, are within Zones 1-4. This is especially helpful if your flight arrives at Gatwick Airport, as all Oyster cards can be used on the trains from the airport to central London. Touch your card on the yellow card reader on the ticket machine, select 'Oyster refund' and follow the on-screen instructions (available in different languages). Although they don't offer the same discounts, paper Day Travelcards may appeal to those that prefer to keep things traditional. 4th Floor Visitor Oyster cards deduct credit every time you make a journey. Visitor Oyster cards are only compatible with pay-as-you-go credit and cannot be loaded with multi-day travelcards or passes in the way that regular Oyster cards can. it automatically calculates the cheapest fare, allowing travel across all of London without having to worry about the zone system . In addition to the money loaded on to the Oyster card, you have to pay a refundable deposit of £5.00 when you buy your Oystercard. They help protect you and everyone else on the transport network, taken from your website: Want to make the most of your time in London? You can load travelcards onto it, can't on a vistor card. After you make several journeys in one day, you will reach a daily limit, and the rest of the journeys on that day will be free. Contactless payments on the same card are automatically capped on a daily and weekly basis, so you'll still benefit from reduced fares. Oh, and they also have a passion for all things British! If you plan to stay in London for a shorter time or want to travel to the outskirts of the city, the pay-as-you-go Oyster card cost might be cheaper. Always excellent business with you! Be sure to get a Visitor Oyster Card - a rechargeable smartcard that easily allows you to travel on public transport in London. However, a major advantage of this card is the special offers and discounts it offers at selected restaurants, shops, galleries, and entertainment venues. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel is with an Oyster card, which can be used on the capital's buses, trams, and metro. These cards can only be purchased upon arrival, from Oyster Ticket Shops, Visitor Centers and most London Tube and rail stations. Whether you should get the Travelcard or Oyster card depends on how long you’re staying in London and how frequently you’ll be using public transport. Check with your card issuer in advance to find out whether your card is compatible, and what charges you may incur by using your card overseas.Â, Getting Around London: Guide to Public Transportation, Avoid These Peak Travel Times on the London Tube, How to Pay for the Tube Without Cash or an Oyster Card, Take The Hassle Out of Getting From Gatwick Airport to London, How Should I Bring my Spending Money to the UK, Getting Around Sydney: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Amsterdam: Guide to Public Transportation, How to Get to Central London From London City Airport, Tips for Riding London's Double-Decker Buses, Getting Around Miami: Guide to Public Transportation, Long Walks on the Beach Aren't the Only Way to Navigate Rio de Janeiro, Here's How to Visit Monopoly Board Locations by London Bus, Getting Around Lisbon: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Manchester: Guide To Public Transportation, How to Use Rome's Public Transport System. The Visitor Oyster Card is aimed at tourists — you might be offered one by a tour company or airline before you arrive. At the end of your trip, you can request a refund of any unused credit, or give your Oyster card to a friend or family member. On buses and trams, you only need the yellow card reader at the start of your journey. This ticket allows for unlimited travel within a 24-hour period on the bus, Tube, DLR, tram, London Overground, and most National Rail services within London. Please note: Children under 11 years of age can travel for free on London Transport with an Adult holding a valid Oyster Card. You can now use your Visitor Oyster Card to pay for Heathrow Express; The cost will be deducted from your Visitor Oyster Card credit: a single journey costs £25 (Peak) and £22 (Off Peak) Please note these fares are charged separately and do not count towards daily capping. You can use a Visitor Oyster Card to travel between Gatwick Airport and London on Southern, Thameslink and Gatwick Express trains. Looking for the most cost-effective way to travel around London? Buy a Visitor Oyster card before you visit London and get it delivered to your home address. More details can be found. London SE10 0ES 14 Pier Walk If you are visiting London, paying for these with your visitor Oyster card could even get you a discount. The visitor Oyster card is by far more stylish than the ordinary blue one. This product is sold by VisitBritain and is provided by our supplier, Transport Trading. Both the Visitor Oyster Card and “regular” Oyster Card can be used to pay for the underground, red double decker TFL buses, overground trains within London, the DLR, trams, the Emirates Air Line cable car, and the Thames Clipper River Bus services. The fastest way to travel from Stansted to London or from London to Stansted is the Stansted Express train. Buy your Oyster Card from the VisitBritain Shop and it will be mailed to you at your home address, fully activated and ready to use for when you arrive in London. Here is the list of the Visitor Centres within London: To get a refund by post, you can send your Visitor Oyster card with a letter explaining why you’re returning it to: TfL Customer Services See a. Travelling through more zones is more expensive. No, as Luton Airport is not connected to the Transport for London network. A: You can buy an Oyster Card at any underground station, the closest to ExCeL London is Canning Town. You can still use the card to take advantage of the special offers and discounts available with the card. Save time – Pick up your pre-paid Visitor Oyster Card at … If you provide a phone number or email address, we will contact you to arrange a bank transfer, otherwise your credit will be refunded by cheque in GBP. Remember that only pay-as-you-go credit can be used by someone else after you leave.Â, Regular Oyster cards are compatible with the TFL Oyster App, and can be registered with a contactless and Oyster account. Your Visitor Oyster Card will be returned to you, but cancelled. Save Money – the Visitor Oyster is cheaper than buying a paper Travelcard and you can just top it up! Po vyčerpání nabitého kreditu si můžete kartu dobít v automatu jakékoli stanice metra. Your card will not be returned to you. A Visitor Oyster card is a smartcard pre-loaded with pay as you go credit that you can use to travel in London. Thank you so much... such wonderful customer business. Absolutely no need to purchase a Visitor Oyster Card.Just get a "normal" card when you get to the tube station at the airport. For example, travel within transport Zones 1 and 2 is capped at a daily maximum of £6.60 with an Oyster card, while a Day Travelcard for the same zones costs £12.30. An Oyster card is an electronic plastic smartcard that can be loaded with pay-as-you-go transport credit. A Visitor Oyster card costs £5 (plus postage) to buy, plus you can pre-load it with pay as you go credit in the following amounts: £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, £40 or £50. Stačí kartu přiložit na žlutou čtečku. Both give you the freedom to explore London using the city’s integrated public transport network. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This will be paid in cash or refunded to your debit/credit card. However, a major advantage of this card is the special offers and discounts it offers at selected … A Visitor Oyster card costs £5 (plus postage) and is pre-loaded with pay as you go credit for you to spend on travel. Contactless credit and debit cards can also be used to travel on travel on tube, DLR, London Overground, buses and most National Rail services in London for the same price as an Oyster fare. Similarly, while American Express contactless cards and nearly all Mastercard or Maestro cards are accepted, some other foreign cards may not work on the London transit system. However, if your card is issued outside the UK, you may have to pay overseas bank charges. The network is split into 9 different zones, named Zone 1 to Zone 9. Don't want to pay in GBP? It is a plastic smartcard that is loaded with pay as you go credit which is then used when you travel. You can get up to £10 refunded from your Visitor Oyster card at Tube station ticket machines. For the visitor to London, the question of which travel pass to purchase can be confusing. Save up to 10% compared to buying at the gate! The card comes pre-loaded with money and there’s a £5 non-refundable charge. Gatwick Airport North terminal arrivals hall, Gatwick Airport South terminal arrivals hall, Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 Underground station, Keep 2 metres apart from others where possible, Follow signs, listen to announcements and pay attention to our staff, Wash your hands before and after your journey, Carry hand sanitiser or use sanitiser points at stations, Use contactless or Oyster to pay for your travel, London Overground and DLR stations where it's safe to do so, Cleaning Tube carriages daily with hospital-grade antiviral disinfectant, Cleaning key interchanges more frequently throughout the day, Wiping down all touch surfaces on buses, such as poles and doors with strong disinfectant every day, Please check the latest information from Transport for London on how to travel safely on their dedicated Coronavirus page. V případě žádosti o visitor oyster card zaplatíte jen 8 liber, ale na konci návštěvy si kartu necháte. Visitors can, of course, buy 'standard' cards and products. }. What is a Visitor Oyster card? By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. More details can be found HERE, Flexible: Full refund if returned within 14 days of receipt (please refer to our terms and conditions). You pay a £5 deposit on a normal card of which you get £2 or £3 back (used to be the whole £5 but they changed it recently), you don't get anything back on the £3 charge for the visitor card. Note - If you buy a Visitor's Oyster Card you pay no deposit, only a charge of £3.00 plus shipping (which means you'll usually pay more than the £5 deposit, making this a more expensive choice). Please select a quantity before adding to your basket. A visitor Oyster Card is the cheapest way to pay for a single adult journey in London. You can order one online ahead of your trip, and have it delivered to your home so that when you arrive in London, you don't have to waste time queuing to purchase a regular Oyster card. Something went wrong adding this product to your basket. Visitor Oyster cards LOOK different from standard cards; they can make a nice souvenir, IMO. It is great as a keepsake and the fact that it never expires makes it great for further travels to London. If you are visiting London for two days, we recommend you start with £20 credit. Answer 1 of 34: Excuse me for making a nuisance of myself. The Visitor Oyster card. Please note that any items in your basket will not be carried over. Answer 1 of 24: Hi, I gonna travel to london on Nov'15. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. The Visitor Oyster Card can be purchased in advance and mailed to you anywhere in the world. Almost the whole of London, including Heathrow airport and London City airport, are in Zones 1-6. Covid 19  update- please check our Covid 19 Measures tab below. Welcome to our Visitor Shop. If you are on your own and staying for four days or more then a 7 day zones 1&2 travelcard (something you can't get loaded onto a Visitors Oyster card) and some Pay As You Go to cover your journey to and from Heathrow will be the business. Email is invalid. Yes, you may use PAYG on Oyster for a peak hour journey from zone 6 to zone 1. Children aged 11 to 15 must get a specific Oyster Card and will travel free on buses and trams and pay £ 0.70 (US$ 0.90) (Peak) or £ 0.65 (US$ 0.90) (Off Peak) when travelling on the Tube in zones 1-6. We offer various booking options with many attractions being valid for 12 months, offering you the flexibility to change your travel dates should your plans change. Im from Penang, Malaysia. The main difference is that it normally has a picture of London and it will also entitle you to discounts and offers in different shops or restaurants in London. You need no identification to buy a bog standard Oyster card; all that is necessary is a polite request and the means to pay for the thing.. You’ll be shown the amount of the refund due, which will be paid back in cash dispensed from the ticket machine. On buses and trams, you only need the yellow card reader at the start of your journey. It is valid in all travel zones and automatically calculates the cheapest total fare for all the journeys you make in a single day. Trial versions, Transport for London staff versions and the first version of the standard Oyster card for the public were released with the roundels on the front of the cards in red. A Visitor Oyster card is like a London Pass – it lets you explore the city and skip hefty bills as you do so. So if you buy a card for £55, for example, your card will have £50 credit on it. Choose from a Visitor Oyster card for pay as you go travel, and enjoy a range of special discounts and offers, or a paper Travelcard ticket.. Using your Visitor Oyster Card is easy: simply place your Oyster card on the yellow card readers at the start and end of your journey on Tube, London Overground and National Rail services. Purchase in advance and avoid queuing at stations when you arrive, Buy with confidence – we are the official shop of the British Tourist Authority, VisitBritain, Place your Oyster Card on the yellow button at the ticket gates of tube / rail stations and the entrance of buses, If you run out of credit, top up at any tube station or at thousands of shops across London, Here for a week? The Oyster Card can be used immediately and automatically calculates the cheapest fare for each journey, taking it off your credit as you go. Different journeys cost different amounts, depending on which zones you travel in and what time of day you travel. Sorry this product is currently unavailable for your chosen date. This is great for those of you feel stressed out about the idea of buying an Oyster Card while in London, and therefore would prefer to just have it sorted prior to arrival. If you will be travelling frequently every day, a, Prices vary according to the time of day and which zones you travel in. In short, an Oyster card gives you full access to all of London's diverse public transport options. Oyster cards can also be used to pay for journeys on the DLR, London Overground, Transport for London (TfL) Rail, Emirates Air Line, the River Bus and most National Rail services within the city. Those living and working in London will almost always have an Oyster Card in their wallet and, as a general rule of thumb, the Oyster Card is the benchmark to be beaten, although people are fast migrating to … Forget about buying individual tickets every time you travel - simply top up your card with credit and you’re good to go! London Travel: Which Oyster Card is Best for Visitors? You can still use the card to take advantage of the special offers and discounts available with the card. The Travelcard is a paper London travel pass which is valid for either a single day or seven days, and is available for certain combinations of travel zones. 1. Pay-as-you-go credit on both cards is fully transferable and never expires.Â, If you're traveling to London for a short visit, a Visitor Oyster card is probably the most convenient choice. It is great as a keepsake and the fact that it never expires makes it great for further travels to London. The latter allows you to easily see how much credit you have left, to view your journey history and to apply for refunds online.Â, If neither Oyster card option sounds like a good fit for you, there are alternative ways to pay for transport in London. Please try another date. Use our handy off-peak itinerary planner. Standard issues of the Oyster card have been updated since the first public release in order to meet TfL's Design Standards. See a, Overground and National Rail trains in London. There are two options available to tourists: the regular Oyster card used by London natives, and the Visitor Oyster card, which is specially designed for use on one-off trips. You will be taken to our partner website. Subscribe to VisitBritain Shop newsletter, Official shop of the British Tourist Board, We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. We get asked about this regularly and the advice is to wait until you arrive at Heathrow, go to the underground station and get the regular oyster cards.You are visitors to the city but that doesn't mean you have to have a visitor card nor use the Heathrow Express.. The credit on your card never expires - it stays there until you use it. This is a selection of the most common FAQs. The card covers basically everything you’ll need when sightseeing in London. It works exactly like a normal oyster card, with pay as you go credit that you can top up and it applies the same fares. .ticket-note:nth-of-type(4){ They cost £5 (refundable at the end of your trip) and can be loaded with any amount of pay-as-you-go credit. VISITOR OYSTER CARD. Not only is the Oyster card accepted on rail transit in London, you can also use it to tap in and out for the MBNA Thames Clipper river bus, as well as the Emirates Air Line cable car. The benefits of contactless payments over Oyster cards include not having to worry about running out of credit or queuing to top up your Oyster when your credit is running low. Smart. For further information, please click on the blue box on the right-hand side. The visitor Oyster card is by far more stylish than the ordinary blue one. The fastest way to travel from Luton to London or from London to Luton is by train. We have these local payment and shipping options: You can also receive a 10% discount on Thames Clipper river boats and Circular Cruise operating from all London Piers. Save up to £101 per person compared to buying tickets on the day, working out at just over £10 per attraction. Submit the details of your shopping, entertainment or food/drink offer, which should include: A short description of the offer; Use the Oyster card the same way for other transportation. Oyster & Visitor Oyster card differences - the key facts Oyster fares and caps are the same whether you use a standard Oyster or a Visitor Oyster, a common misconception. You can also buy standard Heathrow Express tickets from VisitBritain Shop. Using your Visitor Oyster Card is easy: simply place your Oyster card on the yellow card readers at the start and end of your journey on Tube, London Overground and National Rail services. We have over 350 top experiences across Great Britain, carefully chosen by our team. This means that you won’t be able to use it for future travel. If you run out of credit during your visit, you can load more money onto your Oyster at any Oyster Ticket Shop (of which there are more than 4,000 across London) or TfL Visitor Centre. I plan to online purchase a visitor oyster card before I arrive there, as i know we cant purchase at Heathrow airport. To check which zones the areas you want to visit are in. With so much to see and do in every corner of the city, transportation is an essential part of your London adventure. VisitBritain Shop is the official retailer of the British Tourist Authority, so you can relax in the knowledge you are booking with a reputable company.

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