Furnaces. » Refractory Castables are systems Al 2 O 3-SiC-C, MgO-C (C-contain 5-10%). This region of the BF exhibits more varied designs, conflicting practices and vastly different performance histories of the hearth lining. The refractory wall lining typically measures two feet or more in thickness and contains more than 2,500 tons of refractories. 171 0 obj <> endobj The blast furnace is a refractory-lined circular shaft 100 to 200 feet high, with an internal diameter between 20 and 45 feet. This analysis gives the true hearth lining wear at the beginning of the blast furnace campaign and until no alterations appears inside the hearth lining refractory. An EAF utilizes an 8 to 25 megavolt ampere transformer. Campaign life of furnca ehave increased from 5 yrs -10-20ye and more these days. Furnace Refractories . A thin furnace lining structure with an integrated refractory brick wall is adopted, and the lining of cast iron cooling plate refractory brick is integrated with the cooling wall by cold setting. (2) Chemical erosion of blast furnace slag. 2.1 Influence of Thermal Conductivity One of the requested input parameters to perform a wear analysis is the thermal conductivity of the different installed refractory material. 0 For defining the blast furnace campaign life, refractory lining play an important factor. Queen Victoria Furnace 8 The Queen Victoria Furnace was first 'blown in' on 29 July 1954 having been constructed as an apparent The torpedo measuring system allows immersion of a laser head into a hot torpedo ladle with surrounding temperatures of more than 1,000°C. )f�` � �\ Fe~� 3�&00��(��ux���b^f�' 5@t��s�9�i��@J��9.� � �, � Lining cooling by stave technology is one of the products of such efforts. ùÌP£°cîEy‰“ÈLs£Éì¯>ˆÒpÆ¥.Äj\óö*—Ø°™Í¿z™Íûu™Í:~‰ÍGvXȇ~iʅs‰Ìŀ¥«“SŦà¶ÙžÒ*1´ö-Dm>ïD?¦*4ö L—Ú¦ˆ LR2f)¦¹´í »«ô1´¼ù`ÂR9P (ëì¸q‚1 Blast furnace is the main equipment for ironmaking, and clay brick is the earliest furnace lining material used in blast furnace. 6G}|��Y��@��N�;�h���ٟ���0�CE��E�p5D�VKD���Q\1b�F̀�#!G���E�?��P���5d��9w�`�z��v�lhw�|/�����7ɚ� ;:� =vEO耞'�bµ Q�L�6Ƙ@�+:*ַ��,^'YA8�^��M�}.�w�,/��|�%�2h(�DT(C�p+�?� �z�x��@O�kL�ֽ�ȧx��܆�4_/��A��oϼ��������0�|�,)#+^���H�4vv���+;���v1�^�:I�ټ ��kR��@i�6D This furnace has an historical rate production of 2.40ton/m 3.day. %%EOF From a materials requirements perspective, a blast furnace refractory lining may be split into five areas from top to bottom. the refractory lining pattern that has been observed during the last few years. with refractory linings 2.1. h�bbd``b`� $��g ��$��@= 1e �$�X�D�/��6b`bd��)"�3|0 � 182 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[171 27]/Info 170 0 R/Length 69/Prev 137265/Root 172 0 R/Size 198/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream aggregates lining. In 2009 a second partial repair was conducted in order to repair the refractory hearth lining around the tap hole. * The refractory that is used to line the furnace must be suitable for the material being melted Refer to the refractory manufacture’s specifications. The cooling of refractory is the essential feature for the blast furnace campaign life. Ladle furnaces are utilized to relieve the primary melter of secondary refining. However, most of the lining works are made of certain standard refractory shapes and sizes which are always available in … During to build the Lucy Furnace, the largest blast furnace ever de-signed. (4) Various new techniques were developed in the fields of furnace construction, cooling of refractory lining, and heat insulation, and they were incorporated as the core constituents of refractory tech-nology. The target of the intervention was to reprofile the original refractory lining which had been damaged due to collapsed bricks. Ö#Ž­`fm^.1¦²¡_ÒáÔ¢=—n „g¹‚´®3w'eÊRG2éeOjïԋ ÏѨߦ—Á]qÄÈsÞÀœ‹–^®|—Т6š–¢koçë Õ²Î_z=À:ê6k%vþeÔ9¬s]s} D~M€ôòð}–ˆY$úê™ØãU3¤Ûk‘¦Ý#ü¤GÊý Ìaß¼ z5˜lddˆÝPêà**›»tuáÝÅ­K—bÛÿû ¯ÍÖîMÙG‚. Be sure that furnace linings have been Thoroughly dried and sintered in accordance with manufactures recommendations. The refractory lining with stave 3D model in blast furnace is analyzed and design by using the ANSYS software. Our SiC 85P, a silicate bonded SiC, has proven to be a cost-effective solution. for lining blast furnaces depending on the specific installation conditions and loading. blast furnace requires refractory bricks of so many types, shapes and sizes. The #2 blast furnace hearth lining of Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN) are composed graphite refractory blocks. 2. endstream endobj 172 0 obj <>/Metadata 16 0 R/Outlines 36 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 169 0 R/StructTreeRoot 39 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 173 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 174 0 obj <>stream The mathematical description, algorithm and program of calculation the temperature fields in any vertical and horizontal cross-section of the devil lining are developed with use of the indications of the temperature sensing transducer (to 1000) in the oven lining. %PDF-1.5 %���� Up to to-day, lining materials have been supplied to about 50 blast furnaces in Italy and abroad always achieving excellent results and acquiring a solid reputation among the users. Plastic Mixes are used for ramming of brick joint - for example in a blast furnace bottom (C-contain 85-90), a basic oxygen furnace bottom (C-contain 5-10%). Refractories for blast furnace tapping. The vault is not connected with the lining of the hot blast stove wall, and the whole is supported by a metal bracket supported by the inner wall of the furnace shell. 7 Magnezit Group offers and supplies refractories in complex for Blast Furnaces lining. Additionally, there have been improvements in the science and understanding of lining blast furnaces. The cooling of refractory lining can be done by stave cooler. Today the refractory lining is frequently maintained and improved by adding various elements such as titania. The molten pig iron from the blast furnace is then sent to a brick- or refractory … The cooling of refractory lining is the most contributing factor in deciding the Furnace campaign life. Refractories for Blast Furnaces . endstream endobj startxref Early detection of refractory lining degradation is essential to avoid sudden furnace failures and prevent unscheduled shutdowns. Lining is the most important factor for determining the campaign life of a blast furnace. Upper shaft: In this low temperature area, abrasion by the solid burden is the primary mode of wear. The monitoring system of the firebrick lining state of the blast furnace devil is offered. The refractory lining is cooled to further enhance the protection against the dispatch of excess heat that can destroy the refractory lining. BLAST FURNACE REFRACTORY LINING Campaining life (starting of blast furnace to shutting down of blast furnace ) depend on the life of refractory lining which liesa between the inside working volume to that of outer steel sheel, which protects the steel sheel. This model is used for analysis the effect of refractory lining thickness with different cooling rate. It is cooling device that maintain the innermost profile of blast furnace. refractory lining. Blast Furnace Ancillary Equipment-> Stoves, Bustle Pipe, Tuyeres. r'fàm•©îœ¹þ™NËlÌê´5eԀ¤7OG’õÕzÿ Ü%ªÌŔbß €†YTÖ=›?$Ê 197 0 obj <>stream Benefits include improved safety, h�b```�bf��� cB��s~0��r+``؝���h�D��($���� ! (5) Diatomaceous brick was developed (UK patent in 1893) as the first lining material specially designed for heat insulation. Refractory and brick materials are needed to line huge shaft-like blast furnaces in which the molten pig is formed. The production practice of the steel mill proves that this design structure can fully meet the normal service life of the blast furnace for 12-15 years. Monitoring the refractory lining integrity is essential to assure the safety of the operators and to determine the remaining campaign life of a furnace. ÑÐLb=ਫ਼mDä‘/qM The main significant feature of blast furnace campaign life is cooling of refractory lining. Specialists of both companies led and supervised the installation of 40 tons of Seven Gun 82 NX in the burning chamber/burning duct of hot blast stove n29 – blast furnace 9. The company garnered acco-lades for the superior perfor-mance of the Lucy Furnace and began to expand rapidly, pushed in large measure by the explosive growth of the steel industry. Refractory lining of blast furnace A modern blast furnace (BF) is refractory lined to protect the furnace shell from the high temperatures and abrasive materials inside the furnace. efforts have been made to extend the campaign life of blast furnaces. The blast furnace ditch is a channel that leads to high-temperature molten iron or slag. number of years until the refractory lining of the furnace begins to fail. Blast furnace has the advantages of large output, high productivity and low cost, which is unmatched by other ironmaking methods. h��W{o�H�*�g�(���}�"�J�i����!.� Now-a-days the campaign life of Blast Furnace is measured in terms of 10 15 yrs rather than 4 - 5 yrs - while on the other hand, the trend is to replace smaller Blast Furnaces with large capacity Blast Furnaces, eRefractories for Blast Furnace 9 Blast furnace SANAC started the production of refractories for blast furnaces since 1957. Blast furnace cooling stave and refractory lining Dimensions of blast furnace cooling components and materials type are shown in Table 1 and Table 2 The main reason is attributed to the severe infiltration of hot metal into the refractory lining. At this stage the furnace is 'blown down' a new refractory lining is installed and the furnace is made ready for another 'campaign'. the blast furnace campaign to large degree [1-2]. The refractory lining can also resist thermal shocks, erosion, physical attack and chemical attack. Refractory Lining of Hot Torpedo Ladles This paper introduces the world’s first laser profile measurement system for the refractory lining of hot torpedo ladles, the LaCam®. Three electrodes for arc heating are inserted and the ladle acts as the furnace shell. In the production process, it is subject to the destruction of several factors as follows: (1) Severe erosion and erosion of flowing high-temperature molten iron and slag. This process creates a layer of slag that protects the refractory from arc damage and transfers heat to the liquid steel. ]o��pJ��^Ch]�tۥS��o��fb5#�& �)%QV C�B)V"d)s< �[��T�. Highly wear-resistant and temperature change-resistant corundum brick pre-fired at up to 1700 °C withstands the mechanical stresses in the top of the blast furnace where the burden is … » Refractory gunning mixes are used for application to the lining of oxygen converter The AU-E technique works based on the reflection of broadband stress wave signals from the hot face of the refractory, If you are going to buy refractory lining in kilns, furnace or electric arc furnace, please contact RS Kiln Refractory Company! Carbon blocks used for blast furnace hearth lining One of the largest users of refractory materials in a blast furnace (BF) is the BF hearth. United States Steel Corporation 6 Ironmaking Refractory Technology Refractory Requirements BF Hearth ... • Selection of refractory lining materials and designs are critical for safe, stable, … The cooling of refractory lining can be done by stave cooler. �ϳ��ͿM���Ƙsp��x�.����x��qN�%���n��^8.�*)��(d�}t�蠈鴓� a��d��piʒP�[��"_�>k�#W6U�1��i~�f3:N�N�I�}? At present, in some plants, the breakout of blast furnace hearths takes place very often. Refractory Lining is a layer of material which can resist high heat temperature in the kiln or furnace. To meet this need, an acousto ultrasonic propagation technique has been developed by Hatch to determine the thickness of the remaining refractory lining in operating furnaces. The auxiliary furnaces or hot blast stoves, which heat the air for the blast furnace, are also lined with refractories.

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