Review: Carenado - PA31 Navajo For X-Plane 11. Up to 10 seats could be fitted. ifr/private. engine general aviation aircraft. Piper's Navajo has long been a favorite of charter and corporate operators, as well as individual owners who need the combination of a large cabin accessed by an airstair door, piston-engine fuel economy, and a look that's snazzy enough to appeal to the most discriminating passengers. It’s a shame that Piper decided to abandon this line of aircraft size, as they do 90 percent of what a Beech King Air 90 will do, for far less money. The advertised $105,000 radio package lists the discontinued Garmin GNS530 and Sandel EFIS as standard. The Chieftain is the best of the breed in this respect, because it affords more legroom than comparably equipped and outfitted short Navajos. Reviews Videos The Piper PA-31 Navajo is twin-engined aircraft designed and built by Piper for the general aviation market,Targeted at small-scale cargo and feeder liner operations and the corporate market, the aircraft was a success. The downside is expect to pay about every bit of $400 per hour for direct operating costs and reserves, along with up-front fixed costs such as insurance, training, charts, etc. Targeted at small-scale cargo and feeder liner operations and the corporate market, the aircraft was a success. “C/R” means counter-rotating, reflecting the counter-rotating L/TIO-540-F2BD engines rated at 325 HP each that Piper selected for this model. It really was a treat flying in this twin engine beast. He found the plane to be beautifully rendered and accurately brought back many happy memories of flying the real thing. The stretched Navajo Chieftain first appeared in 1973, after Piper began design work in 1971 (delays were caused by the destruction of the second prototype and early production aircraft due to flooding at Piper's Lock Haven plant in June 1972). Much of it concerns temperature management, but there are other useful recommendations, such as avoiding partial-throttle takeoffs to ensure proper fuel cooling and to avoid detonation. Called by some a stripped Chieftain, the powerplants were the same. I purchased a Navajo Chieftain with a partner with the intention of putting the aircraft on a 135 charter certificate, plus we planned to fly it for business and family travel. Piper's Navajo is getting long in the tooth, but Colemill sharpens those fangs to create the Panther. Comanche' and the PA-23 'Aztec'. The Mojave, the last twin Piper built in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, didn’t last a year. No, this isnt an inexpensive plane to operate. Introduced in 1982, a total of 21 T-1020s were manufactured, making it a rare airplane; we found no cost data on it. There are plenty of navajo series planes around flying PA-31, PA-31-300, PA-31-325, PA-31-350. The best-known PA-31 mods originally came from Colemill Enterprises of Nashville, with its line of Panther conversions. G FJGC Piper PA31 350 Navajo Chieftain Southend January 1979. 1981. total time. It’s certainly easy to fly and will haul a large family fairly quickly along with a load of gear into fairly short, unimproved strips. Built in 1980, the Navajo is a luxurious aircraft with a center aisle, creating an interior reminiscent of large jets. The pressurized Navajo was cured of early problems with the pressurization system, but powerplant reliability has continued to plague the ambitious design. We were impressed by the chutzpah of the pilot who kept descending on a localizer approach in fog until he hit trees 600 feet below the MDA. The PA-31P-350 was dubbed Mojave. But when the shop finished the installation, they determined the radome needed to be replaced. The Lycoming IO-540s are strong, solid engines. 2. Navajo C/R The PA-31-325 was introduced in 1975 as yet another iteration of the shortbody fuselage. By Julien on 15/07/2015 GA Addons, Reviews. I’ve flown these engines throughout the high Arctic at -40 degrees C and have never experienced a cylinder cracking.

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