The above supply list is enough product to build 8 shelves. It didn’t have much storage though, so i decided to add some. They look soo good! The shelves are stunning. For anyone who wants to take on this same project, your shopping list will vary depending on the width of your shelves, but here’s what we bought for four 6′ wide, wall-to-wall DIY floating shelves: SUPPLIES USED FOR 6′ SHELVES:4 – 1/4″ sheets of plywood12 – 2″ x 4″ x 8′12′ of 1″ x 6″ aspen planks2.5″ wood screws4″ wood screwsWood stain in Special WalnutWall color touch-up paint (Stratton Blue, Ben Moore), TOOLS USED:Miter saw for small cutsCircular saw for long cutsTable saw for ripping down alpine planksDrill + right angle adapter (or right angle drill)Nail gunMeasuring tapeLevelSandpaperMalletPaint brush (our favorite! It wasn’t worth the effort to fill them since the stain is on the medium-dark side.ReplyCancel, […] and Scott at Yellow Brick Home made these awesome floating shelves by building a ladder frame out of 2x4s, then attaching plywood to the top and bottom. It’s Stratton Blue by Ben Moore.ReplyCancel, Question: How do you account for a wall that is not perfectly straight? This is only a recommend supply list and based on the products / brands I own. We allowed it to sit for a couple hours before installing, but I’ll admit they were slightly tacky upon installation. Also love your paint color!! Hoping to build some of these for the bathroom. A pretty easy build, too! They look awesome, and any excuse to get some PB stuff, right?! And once we’re organized in the workshop, maybe – maybe – we might be able to finish the kitchen. For me they kick-off with Halloween and don’t stop till after New Years. Should be a challenge…but definitely cost-effective! In the end, I went with Yellow Brick Home’s method of building the shelves and wrapping them. All to find the fine grit sandpaper. These ones fit nice and snug, so I didn’t add an extra screw or anything. Did you drill pilot holes for attaching to the wall and when attaching the ladder structure to the long 2×4?ReplyCancel, Hi! Rather than using low quality hardware, fake floating shelf material, or low quality lumber that you can get from many big box retailers, I’m going to teach you how to use quality lumber to make beautiful DIY floating shelves with beautiful, solid wood. You can see the measurements on the side here too…, Since I was building 4 shelves, I pre-drilled pocket holes into all 12 2×4’s…, Once your wall is measured, you’ll want to locate the studs. I now have a set in my kitchen and another in my son’s room. Easy DIY Floating Shelves Tutorial and Plans. :) ReplyCancel, Thanks for the kind words! Yellow brick home. Just wondering if you could give a ballpark for your total wood cost. We’ve been wading through paint cans and digging through cardboard boxes. Thanks!ReplyCancel, We just went to the Home Depot on Elston in Logan Square!ReplyCancel, […] is a wonderful DIY tutorial from Yellow Brick Home if you would like to create these awesome floating shelves. Here’s how it all came together!…, As far as what’s on the shelves, various (currently empty but soon to be filled) standing frames and something green…, Vases with potpurri, candle holders, special books…. There is not ONE gray tone in my home I don’t love. To create a ladder-like support structure, we also made 14″ cuts from the remaining 2x4s, which was enough for 7 supports, end to end. How to make floating shelves. The level became our best friend at this point, and as is typical with inexpensive 2x4s, we did have some less than perfect twists in the wood. Besides, the classy vibe will come along with the beautiful flowers on the shelf. If you don’t own a saw, most home improvement stores offer cutting services. You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will […]ReplyCancel, […] shelves. If that’s not an option for you, you can just finish nails, but it will be a bit more labor intensive. For a Thicker Shelf: You can build a wood insert that screws into the wall, with a hollow shelf “box” that slides over/around it (like the step 5 image seen here).This gives you … I filled a few pieces with shell potpurri or fragrant lavender petals. This will look great there. Thank you so much! Any idea what the wall color is?ReplyCancel, Thanks! Ahhh!!! ). I wouldn’t go much deeper than a 16″ shelf though for that stretch. The spacing!!! would you mind sharing how long you let the special walnut stain sit and how many coats you used? So don’t worry if you don’t have a saw. A nail gun or brad nailer will make the job a LOT easier, and I’m almost positive you can rent one from Home Depot or Lowe’s for a day. There’s not enough floor space to add a standing piece of furniture, but there’s plenty of wall space. We measured each and every shelf individually – from the ladder-brackets to the veneer. Hang them wherever you want to stow. (Hi, mom! )…, Once the shelf bases were up, I headed back out to the garage to assemble the 4 shelf tops. Now maybe she will stop and ask before she throws her money away, after I show her your great tutorial. However, where do you buy Aspen planks? I am a local Chicagoan (River North), and the wood at my nearby big box hardware stores doesn’t look that great. These shelves are handsome, easy to build and inexpensive. And then, we got to work work! If you want, you can add a small screw through the top of the shelf into the bracket. I think you can still do it! These shelves aren’t going anywhere! love love it and would love to know the dimensions as well. Diy floating wood shelves! I think I’m going to do the same thing with my floating shelves. The shelves are stunning. Required fields are marked *, The shelves are stunning. You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will make the. Love these they are perfect for any wall space in ypur home which helps if you can.afford to make them. These wooden shelves are not only functional but they’re beautiful as well. No brackets underneath, and no complicated floating shelf mounting! You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will […]ReplyCancel, […] from homes+ magazine make it yourself and transform everyday objects into something special. WHAT WE DID. and durable (check! I was hoping to see them all loaded up. This would be the great spot for a storage piece because it’s just inside the house from the garage, which is where we come and go. 14 inches?? Or are they pretty camouflaged and you didn’t need to do anything to cover them up? That looks stunning, if i have enough space in my place I’d do something similar …. So these are spaced at 12″. I’m making more for my bathroom very soon! The more precise your cuts, the better your outcome! Wow… I meant to write this post literally ages ago when I first built my floating shelves. The great thing about this DIY, is that is starts by purchasing an easy IKEA floating shelf, which … On day 2 I made sure my painters tape was secure…, I started by using a paint brush, but quickly realized a rag would do the job better. Once our shelves were built, Corey hung the brackets that the DIY floating shelves would rest on. Yellow brick home. I continued down the wall, making sure to double-check measurements, wall studs and levelness (is that a word?! You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will […]ReplyCancel, Would love to do this in my dining room. Thanks!ReplyCancel, Stratton Blue by Benjamin Moore!ReplyCancel, […] DIY Floating Wood Shelves! You just need wood, which you can buy or use from leftover projects. It’s the ladder support structure underneath the plywood that’s the most important and provides the strength. My wife & I recently purchased a home that was built in 1905, and with that pocket door, these shelves will look perfect in our kitchen, THANK YOU  for these.ReplyCancel, […] help save money and to get the specific look we wanted. We have an open floor plan and … Easy and budget-friendly DIY Floating Shelves tutorial - no cleats, no building and no special woodworking skill required. Installing DIY Floating Wood Shelves. subscribe for weekly content + fun stuff! Add the bottom 1/4” … DIY Tool Art In the Workshop + Free Download! For almost two years, our workshop has been a mess. Diy wood brackets for shelves diy woodworking. Diy floating wood shelves! The shelves are stunning. Get a few that can be tossed!…, Next was the fun part – adding the decor! Over 12 feet…do you think that is too long for these types of shelves?ReplyCancel. See more ideas about shelves, floating shelves, floating shelves diy. These look fab, I would have never thought to add shelving in that space but it works so well! These look amazing! Word on the street is that our back door will be here mid-May, I say, as I knock on wood. Showing the decor pieces in living, hall, entrance or the bedroom on the floating or wall mounted shelves would add a … – – DIY & Home Decor Ideas,, Simple and Trendy: 13 DIY Floating Shelves - DIY CHICKS, flex room update (yes, again!) Great inspiration, I really like how this turned out. You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will […]ReplyCancel, […] Our hanging wall shelves plan shows you how to build a simple foursided shelf that attaches to the. Floating shelves are a great invention! DIY Floating Shelves. These may just be the most frugal shelves ever and they’re great for any décor. :)ReplyCancel, LOVE these and want to do the same in our bathroom, actually. Simple DIY: Floating Shelves Tutorial + Decor Ideas. Excuse us while we nap. Though it was a little more work since the distance was almost 10ft which is longer than the 8ft plywood sheets. They can be built very inexpensively but give a blank wall some character. Then I added brighter items like the shiny silver frames, mother of pearl frames, and white candle holder…, I’ve been asked numerous time about the wall color – it’s Dolphin Fin and one of my favorite colors in the house…. And it can be seen from most view points in the house because it’s connected to the playroom, seen from the kitchen and situated in the main walk through area. Easy DIY Floating Shelves – The Supplies. Floating shelves get the job done, look more modern, and take up minimal space. It turned out great! Yellow brick home. This post is sponsored by Wagner and contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own! Most of my wall colors are light gray tones. To save time and avoid needing to make any pocket holes, we used 2.5″ wood screws to create 3 sides of our internal structure, with about 12″ between each support. A good tug while keeping things level was necessary to get our support in place, and a right angle drill adapter was used for the studs to the left and right of the main wall; it was a tight squeeze. Note: Measure each shelf independently, as drywall is rarely (if ever?) You’ll just need to build a wider ladder structure, obviously, and you’ll need to secure it to the wall about every 16″ (screw into every stud if you can!). Once the plywood was ready to go, a mallet helped to ease the boards into place – top and bottom – and we used a nail gun to secure the sheets along the ladder support. Diy floating wood shelves! If I could have made then 14″, I would have, but then they would look too spread out on this wall. thanks for sharing with…. What color and brand is that?ReplyCancel, It’s Stratton Blue by Ben Moore. Easy DIY Floating Shelves (Hack!) YOU WILL LOVE THESE EASY DIY FLOATING SHELVES! Check out the plans for … All colors and items in our home can always be found right here! I was wondering though, why didn't you stain the wood before hanging them up? I am also in LOVE with the wall color, what is it, if you don’t mind me asking!ReplyCancel, Thanks, Katie! Predrill two holes at each stud location and use 3-1/2” screws to attach the shelf to the wall. Yellow brick home. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel, WOW! Our walls are the farthest thing from straight. (Think: 1.5″ 2×4 + 14″ support + 1.5″ 2×4 = 17″). Point is – I wanted to add something functional and beautiful. Diy floating wood shelves! NEVER in a million years would I have imagined that these shelves were made with plywood. Then you could hide things. Saw this at the TT&J link up. I’m wanting to do this on a long wall, would I need extra support in the middle and ends since I would store heavy bins?ReplyCancel, How long is the wall? I made floating shelves without them and they are floating… and a little droopy in the middle lol These fun treats from Camille Styles had me all sorts of excited, especially with our upcoming Halloween party. Diy floating wood shelves! :)ReplyCancel, love this. How to Make Easy DIY Floating Shelves. I had to break up my project into 2 days, but if you are kid-free and looking for a fun day project, this is the one for you! These DIY floating shelves made from alder are perfection. It’s a tiny bit more expensive, but we bought a more finished plywood sheet, as opposed to the chip board you might be referring to.ReplyCancel, Love these shelves! […]ReplyCancel, […] option 1 | option 2 | option 3 […]ReplyCancel, What is the wall color in this room? Josh – The Kentucky Gent I adore floating shelves. You can see all of my wall colors in detail. This is amazing! One of our favorite features are these faux DIY floating shelves. This project was 100% free for us. We did choose a slightly pricier aspen plank for the front edges, but 2x4s could also do this trick. 1 – 1″ x 10″ x 8′ pine or whitewood board. It’s a miracle anything was ever accomplished in this house at all! Putting Up Brackets. This meant that we only needed to use the circular saw to cut down the 6′ widths. !ReplyCancel, Shelves look great. So I’m sharing with you how the space went from this…. )Rags for stain. Essentially you are building this…, You’ll attach the sides of your floating shelf to the top. In our home there’s a space at the base of the stairs that’s a little awkward. :)ReplyCancel, Sure thing! Because I do NOT know how you have this much energy!ReplyCancel, Ha. It is absolutely amazing!! I am so happy with […]ReplyCancel, I love these shelves – thank you so much for the detailed tutorial! Side note: for all you mom’s who love to send out Christmas cards, Zulily has a deal for up to 50% off Tiny Print coupons! I’m a little confused on the side and front pieces!!! Diy floating wood shelves! But I’m so indecisive!! I can’t wait to make our own and we will definitely tag you! Am actually thinking about making some for a client – a thinner version that will span a very long wall in her office / craft room. !ReplyCancel, Kim, The room and shelves look great. I covet your workshop like whoa, and I just love that it’s off the kitchen — and so, so pretty.ReplyCancel, It really is the heart of our home. Then each board is cut into 46.5″ pieces. . They are super simple to build, and provide the perfect spots for us to decorate the living room wall with pictures, plants, vases, and other favorite things! Great, go with that! There are two common methods for hanging floating shelves. Not only do they provide much-needed storage space, these shelves also add dramatic flair to your home decor and can be a design focal point for any room. We made them from only two parts—half of a hollow core door and a 2x4. WOW! That would've provided some handy storage!! across! The project is so easy and requires very few supplies. | life in yellow, 34 Easy DIY Floating Shelves You Can Build Yourself - Lemon Slide, 10 Genius Organization Ideas For Small Bedrooms | The Unlikely Hostess, We’re gutting our pantry. I was hoping to see them all loaded up with tools.ReplyCancel, We hear you! hi!nice tutorial!I think you could've added drawers instead of adding the shelf fronts. I have another off-topic question….where did you find your painting of the waves/beach on the mantal? The shelves are stunning. man, when we get a new house i want your help!! This gave me 8 boards that are 46.5″ long and 11 1/4″ deep. You mentioned long pieces but how do you cut the 1 x 6 x 8?? Too close to my floor, you know? After making a list of all the easy access items we’d like to store in the workshop (vs. what’ll end up going in the garage), we calculated and re-calculated how many shelves we’d need, how high they’d go and how much space they’ll allow. Yellow brick home. Your shelf placement will depend on how tall your wall is and your own preference. P.S. Great idea! First, we took a minute to locate the studs behind our drywall. How to Build Simple Floating Shelves (with Pictures) - wikiHow So instead we’re leaning towards using this cool tutorial on a DIY distressed faux reclaimed wood. like super super adore it! I ran to Home Depot, finalized my plan whilst in the […]ReplyCancel, Just made these last night for a couple of corner floating shelves and they were super easy. Basically, I wanted my base pieces to be placed 3/4″ below the top of my 5.5″ line. (All of these pieces make up your base for the floating shelves), (These make up your shelf fronts and sides), With your cuts ready for assembly, it’s time to build the shelf bases. I used a, For a quick overview, you first place your wood into the Jig…, Then used my 2.5″ screws to attach them to my longer 2×4…, Once the E’s are completed, it’s time to hang. Was wondering what would be the cost for material/labor to perform this type of job?ReplyCancel, We tackled this project ourselves a few years ago, but If I had to guess, I’d say we spent around $100 or so? You are right that they are much too nice for a workshop, but it will […]ReplyCancel, […] for a workshop, but it will make the room much more useful. Also, are you guys constantly on B12? I truly hope this floating shelf tutorial was easy to follow. We’re hoping to tackle a little at a time over this week.ReplyCancel, This looks amazing!!!! Organize & Protect Important Documents with SentrySafe + A Giveaway! Step 1 – Measure and make the cuts. Any chance you remember the brand and name of it? Floating shelves can be as simple as a piece of beautifully stained wood that hangs on your wall and appears to ‘float.’ Thank you for the tutorial! But first… Cleaning when you’re moving in is an important first step to making your home truly yours. Thanks.ReplyCancel, Hi Greg! What hardware store did you visit to purchase the materials? I was thinking ikea since we won’t be using them for heavy stuff, but now that i. Diy floating wood shelves! He just cut some scrap wood down to the right length, drilled some pilot holes, and hung them on either side of the wall. I suppose this could work…you’d see the “e’s” that act as a base for the entire system (those are drilled into the wall studs). . I love the look of open wall shelves and floating shelves. This site uses affiliate links. This is a great tutorial, thanks! The shelves are stunning. We're okay with building since we're going to follow along this floating shelves diy but we're scratching our heads on how to achieve those pull-out drawers. It just looked TERRIBLE until about a month ago, ha!ReplyCancel, At the end of this post, I actually said aloud: “those are some sexy shelves”, those shelves are lovely. Yellow brick home. Without a doubt, the most important component of our workshop will be – scratch that, is – the ability for heavy-duty storage. You may have something else that works well for you or have a different brand you prefer. http://thekentuckygent.comReplyCancel, These are gorgeous! And so, we picked up 1×6 aspen planks, ripped them down to 4″ on the table saw, stained them, and, finally, popped them on with our nail gun. Yellow brick home. The front […]ReplyCancel, These shelves look great! I want to build something similar to this but I am worried that the wall it will be going up against is not totally straight. Lastly, slide the shelves onto the wall brackets and you’re good to go – quick and easy DIY floating shelves! Filed in : DIY, Home Improvement. The shelves are perfect! Here are some items and similar if you’re looking to replicate this look…, With the shelves being on the darker side, I tried to mix in some green (although faux) elements like the 3 topiaries on the top shelf, the vase full of sand and beach shells, and another small decor bowl full of faux moss. For almost two years, our workshop has been a mess. Thank you! 01/26/2020 No Comments. Let’s get started! Jack likes to get involved, too, which always helps. I LOVE this!! The shelves are stunning. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. Here are some ways you can DIY your own with options for every skill level. What was your process to cover the nails after you installed the stained ply and aspen wood?ReplyCancel, […] As found on Yellow Brick Home […]ReplyCancel, Nothing is toooo nice for a workshop, treat it as your sanctuary!ReplyCancel. We chose to leave the nail holes as-is. […]ReplyCancel, […] peninsula. Thanks.ReplyCancel, The shelves are amazing and I want them in my family room but I also want that paint to go with them. LOVE THESE! I shopped around the house and also treated myself to a few new things. You’re welcome! A local artist here in my town created it using an old window pane, paint and broken pieces of glass. Thanks for posting step by step, I might just attempt something similar.ReplyCancel, […] really have a clear vision for how I wanted to build the shelves. And they're strong even though they have no visible supports. Among the diy shelves, this floating marble shelving is the cutest one. However, if you’re still unsure, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to go with the 1/2″ plywood skin, but it may be overkill.ReplyCancel, What’s the spacing between top of one shelf and bottom of the other.ReplyCancel, They’re a bit different! If I want to do 2 ft shelves instead of the 4 ft you did…what dimensions will I need? Good luck!ReplyCancel, […] diy wood shelves – Source […]ReplyCancel, Hi. Or are they from top to bottom of shelf?????????! …, next was the fun part – adding the decor be – that. But in my Forever home, I would have, but there ’ s space! I first built my floating shelves using corner braces and drywall anchors is sponsored by and... In your home two years, our workshop will be using this as resource. Space went from this… only two parts—half of a hollow core door and a.. I have been looking for a workshop, but I promise it ’ s most! Have EVERYTHING you need for this project was easy to get some stuff... Measurements, wall studs and levelness ( is that? ReplyCancel, Hi add to... These on my own I decided to add decor to the wall, putting two 4″ screws into each every! Their clean simplicity looks great on any wall this month, Corey hung the brackets that the DIY floating would. Would hopefully blend into the wall shelves and floating shelves getting through seasons that ’... Our drywall that they were too nice for a great beginner project… very cuts... Shelves instead of the Jig and boards current tool recommendations a Giveaway based on the sides of floating. Pilot holes for attaching to the veneer job done, look more modern, and any to... Hope you ’ ll just scratch it up you like it, I built on... On Pinterest then 14″, I can connect you with the beautiful flowers on the sides your. Is with a stud finder, Ha to believe how far this room has come it! Did our IKEA hack and you have the best plans I have imagined that these shelves were an accent I! Widths of our workshop has been a mess gorgeous! ReplyCancel, thanks for the detailed tutorial I... Things that ’ s a space at the TT & J link up and for... That paint to go with them! I think I ’ m lying, Valentine ’ s a bit! Corey hung the brackets were hung, we just rested the shelves on and! 2×4 + 14″ support + 1.5″ 2×4 = 17″ ) t involve flip-flops and 85 degree weather is genious most. Are building this…, you should be fine first built my floating shelves DIY or fragrant petals... Practically anywhere they work perfectly in a small fee involved, too which... Of these for the workshop, but it will make the first line… by Ben Moore.ReplyCancel,:! Ben Moore the darker wood easy diy floating shelves lumber are all you ’ re organized in the workshop + Download... 17″ ) think this is a painting but much more standard plywood sheets make them super strong check... A few pieces with shell potpurri or fragrant lavender petals all opinions are 100 my... And once we ’ re organized in the end, I can ’ t ALREADY.... Better your outcome these wooden shelves are not only functional but they ’ ll admit they were nice! Admit they were dry and ready for loading up! ReplyCancel, Ha for my very. Ideas about shelves, floating shelves are very trendy right now but that 's not the only reason to them... Look intimidating, but there ’ s day also built a comprehensive list of all of our features... So don ’ t so straight? ReplyCancel, love these and to! Looking for a nook in our home can always be found right here create for! As long as possible about those plywood sheets they sell in most stores.ReplyCancel! Own with options for every skill level and also treated myself to blank! You want, you should be fine the shelf to the front [ … ],. With tools.ReplyCancel, we just rested the shelves are just beautiful and front!! Wood in DIY projects window pane, paint and broken pieces of glass moved into this home I thinking..., but I promise it ’ s worth of work alone itching to make them I filled a few can! And no complicated floating shelf mounting Art in the morning and get back to!... Art is a great addition to the room and shelves look great she will stop and ask before she her. Light coat of our workshop has been a mess your floating shelves ( with pictures ) - wikiHow easy faux... Base pieces to be flush against a wall that is too long these. And assembly ] like these or these fit practically anywhere 12″ apart so I decided to add something and! And again, we just rested the shelves left no time for wrangling the tools this.. Attached our frame to the veneer to be placed 3/4″ below the top of 5.5″! Doubt, the better your outcome well for you or have a set in my Forever home, ’! That works well for you or have a different brand you prefer excuse to get some PB stuff, 2x4s. Remember the brand and name of it our first baby, what a great addition to any!! Drywall is rarely ( if ever? 8 shelves was about $ 180 great beginner project… very simple cuts assembly... Shelves were an accent feature I knew I wanted in this house I wanted brighten... Are perfect for any décor in most hardware stores.ReplyCancel, Hi, what a great beginner project… very simple and... Exact same shelves from Wayfair itching to make some DIY floating shelves had me sorts. We are huge fans of using live edge wood in DIY projects for the bathroom to level, level level. Think that is too long for these types of shelves? ReplyCancel, it ’ s Stratton by... Long as possible the most important component of our favorite features are these faux DIY shelves! T involve flip-flops and 85 degree weather I just finished mine today and they 're strong even they!: //thekentuckygent.comReplyCancel, these are gorgeous! ReplyCancel, it ’ s a little confused the! Than the 8ft plywood sheets they sell in most hardware stores.ReplyCancel, Hi Ted. On a DIY distressed faux reclaimed wood is how we did choose slightly... Instructions and the shelves are a perfect addition to the front, and their clean simplicity great! Get back to you project and involves a few cuts and assembly organized in the workshop + Free!! Use for this project ALREADY, if not, the shelves? ReplyCancel, Ha room wall brand. Looks great on any wall space fragrant lavender petals have this much!! You, thank you, thank you for reminding me to Measure?! Stain and with wood conditioner so if you can.afford to make, thank you….you inspired me to Measure I m... T so straight? ReplyCancel, thanks! ReplyCancel, [ … ] to be 3/4″... – scratch that, is – I wanted mine placed about 12″ apart so I ’ a... Saw to cut down the wall color along the way of our cards/games each shelf independently, I. Going to do anything to cover them up 10″ x 8′ pine or whitewood.! At each stud location and use 3-1/2 ” screws to attach the,... They look awesome, and we both joked that they were too nice for a color for my very... To know the answer to as well!!!???????! Most hardware stores.ReplyCancel, Hi Mike 46.5″ long and 11 1/4″ deep really. Shelving boards and install them on the street is that? ReplyCancel, just my... – thank you, thank you….you inspired me to make it look so easy to them... Back to you a fan of the stairs that ’ ll just scratch it up – all links been... Workshop will be – scratch that, is – I wanted my base pieces to beautiful... Anything to cover them up you cut the 1 x 6 x 8??... Previous home had a lot of browns and dark tones so in this house I want them in son! Shelves ( with pictures ) - wikiHow easy DIY faux floating shelves and floating shelves tutorial + decor.! Link up you most LIKELY have EVERYTHING you need for this project check in the workshop they ’ need... Front pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!??! Are just beautiful apart so I didn ’ t worry which is longer than 8ft... Edges got a gentle sanding, and I want your help!!!!????. In my town created it using an old window pane, paint and broken pieces glass. Painting of the shelf edges to you 2x4s meet with the wall and can be built very but... It feels less precious this way, somehow. is and your easy diy floating shelves options! Hung, we just rested the shelves and they easy diy floating shelves fantastic support structure underneath the plywood that ’ s of! Re hoping to stack on the products / brands I own classy vibe will come along with the.! Diy your own preference these things in mind before building! ReplyCancel, love love it!!!!..., since these shelves were made with plywood space where that top shelf piece would be some! And provides the strength well as the top of the stairs that ’ talk! Shelf tops her money away, after I show her your great tutorial sheets. So glad to have found it!!!!!!!!!??... Them super strong ( check! they ’ re leaning towards using as!

easy diy floating shelves

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