Here’s how to configure that message and decide who gets to see it. iPhone will keep listing your notifications and alerts while in do not disturb mode but you will not get any sound. Get Our Newsletter With Apple Tips and Breaking News. 2. It also prevents it from lighting up your screen, so you won’t get disturbed by your phone or any alert and can continue your work without distractions. Reschedule changes in selections provided *Note: you won't be able to make the Do Not Disturb changes without entering via the Settings: Notifications: Do Not Disturb first. 1. Scheduling Time option for this feature can be seen below. iPhone will block unnecessary calls, messages, and notifications if you turn on this Do Not Disturb mode. Do-not-disturb on iPhone really sucks (and how Apple can fix it) Even in 2019, the iPhone's do-not-disturb capability is firmly grounded in the … If you have a recent or past message from a specific Contact, you can follow the steps below to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode for this particular Contact on iPhone. What if there is an emergency and your family is trying to get hold of you. If you have “Do Not Disturb” enabled on your iPhone and someone sends you a text message, they may receive an “Auto-Reply” message as a response. However, there are certain calls and messages we can’t ignore, and we want to answer those all the time. Apple’s iPhone and iPad come standard with a notification-hampering feature known as Do Not Disturb, which can keep your handset silent when you don’t feel like being bothered by rings, dings, and other noises.More recently, Do Not Disturb began showing an unsightly banner on the Lock Screen when enabled, and not … Enable Do Not Disturb For One Specific Contact Using Messages App. Do Not Disturb is a helpful iPhone setting for periods when you do not want to be interrupted, such as meetings, formal events or at night. iPhone do not disturb mode helps you to avoid the phone ring due to calls, texts and all other notifications. First, open “Settings” by tapping the grey-colored gear icon. Do Not Disturb mode was added to iOS way back in 2012, and has been a popular feature ever since. … Set slider to OFF, or. Here’s how to get notified of calls and texts while in Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. Since most iPhone users are likely to use the default Do Not Mode settings, you should be able to call most people using one of … The default settings of Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone have certain loopholes that have been deliberately included to make people accessible, even when their iPhone is placed in Do Not Disturb Mode. To reset or turn off your scheduled Do Not Disturb function: Settings Notifications. The Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone has you stop receiving phone calls, alerts, or notifications, removing the sound or vibrations it usually does. iPhone Do Not Disturb is an excellent feature, and iOS 11 extended this DND while driving. Apple, Inc. Get calls from a group of contacts. Do Not Disturb. Open the Messages app on your iPhone. This setting only has an effect if your iPhone is locked. Tap on the Conversation of the Contact that you want to place in Do Not … Move it to the ON position and you can set the window during which your iPhone will be switched to Do Not Disturb Mode. With the Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone, you can silence calls, alerts, and notifications you typically get on the lock screen.

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